Many people are confused about grace. They think grace is nothing more than tolerance to sin, letting ‘anything’ go, and not trying to offend anyone. But that is not grace – that’s negligence.

Think of grace this way: What if you saw a baby ready to burn their hand on a stove – would it be grace to let them do whatever they desired, and never say “NO NO!?” Or would grace run to the rescue, and save the child from the source of harm?

In the same way, grace is God’s response to sinners, not our response to Him.

God’s grace seeks to stop us from destroying ourselves through hurtful (sin-filled) actions, and makes a way for sinners to come to Him – that’s grace revealed. Ministers who allow “anything to go,” and never deal with the sin issues in their own life, or anyone else’s, are not ‘grace people’ – they are negligent spiritual leaders.

Grace exposes the source of sin, while revealing His loving, saving nature, through which He seeks to draw sinners closer to Himself.

While sin pushes God away, and allows sinners to suffer eternal ruination, often in the name of tolerance, the Lord refuses to let His children destroy themselves through their own foolishness! Instead, He rushes to the rescue, explains the dangers of the situation His children have involved in, and seeks to free us from them.

I am so thankful the Lord’s mercies are new every morning, and His grace has no limits – that He is a faithful God, whose love reaches beyond our humanity, our sinful addictions, rebellion, anger, wrong choices, and every other sin – to meet our deepest need.

You can trust Jesus to do the right thing in your life – to do what genuinely benefits you. He is not a God who allows anything to go, because He knows that foolish children don’t often know the difference between things that destroy, and what is really for their own good. What may appear to be harsh actions, or may seem to impede on your ‘freedom’ is actually the loving desire of your heavenly Lord to save you from anything that would bring you harm.

I pray this will help you look at grace differently – and understand that grace is not a license to sin – rather, it is the ‘vehicle’ that allows God’s love to be brought to you, and seeks to do the right thing by you, both now, and for all time. Blessings to you, as you learn to trust Him with your life.  (Pastor Tom Cannon)


Posted on November 11, 2013 .