God blesses your life with His abundant love, grace, spiritual gifts & abundant blessings for more reasons than just because He loves you, and wants to prosper your life! That's the main criticism I have of the "prosperity Gospel" - it violates a basic principle of the Word: the blessings of the Lord were never given for the selfish gain of anyone. Rather, God blesses you so can pass his blessings on to others.

That’s right: God has plans to pour His abundance through you, as a source of blessing to others! Is there a precedence for such a statement? There certainly is, and it comes from the Lord Himself. He could have remained in heaven, and enjoyed His own blessed state forever. But He chose to divest Himself of heaven's blessings, and come to suffer and die for our sake, so that we, through His sacrifice, might have the opportunity to experience salvation through the work He perfumed for us.

That's a game changer, isn't it? We are not called to sit on the sidelines while others suffer, or enjoy God's blessings while the world plummets towards eternal ruination. But instead, we must follow the Lord's lead, and be willing to do whatever He desires us to do, for the benefit of those He places within our pathway. 

In what ways does God intend for us to be a blessing to others? 

       -  He saved you to share His love, and point lost ones to Him.

       -  He imparted His Spirit into your life, so He can flow out of your life – to those who    

           are thirsty!

       -  He gives you His Word, so it might become Bread for the nations!

       -  He prospered you, so you would have seed to sow into many lives.

       -  He gifted you, so He might touch the lives of others, in multiplied ways, with His

          wondrous grace.

The bottom line: God is sacrificially loving, kind, generous, caring, compassionate, and full of grace – and He loves to bestow His abundance upon you, so you can bestow His abundance upon others. But He does NOT intend for us to hoard His blessing upon ourselves, rather, He wants us to be dispensers of His greater glory, into the lives of those He places in our pathway. (2 Cor. 9:6-15) May you be blessed as you give what you have been given - in His name! (Pastor Tom Cannon)


Posted on November 11, 2013 .