As believers, GOD has called us to bear His image, and reflect His likeness to those around us. We need to take His calling seriously, as seek to bear His image with excellence, every day of our life. 

Here are a few known facts about being a Christian, that we can glean from the Word of God. Why not take a few moments today, to add your own thoughts from the Bible, to an expanded list of what it means to be Christ-like. 

Here we go: As believers, we are called to: 

  • Be His witnesses - our calling came right from Him!

  • Love sacrificially - can you think of a good example? 

  • Care about others - more than ourselves!

  • Be kind - just think how effective we could be, if we simply pledged to 'do no harm'?

  • Be thoughtful - taking time to pray for others' needs -

  • Be patient - even putting up with others' meltdowns or quirks!

  • Be a friend - even when others aren't acting overly friendly to you!

What else has the Lord called us to do? (Suggestion: Continue adding to your list for the next week!)

Blessings to you!  Pastor Tom Cannon

Posted on November 20, 2013 .