What is the best way to change the culture of our nation? In Joel 2, God clearly identifies three ways to dramatically transform our nations for Him. If we will pray, fast and rend our hearts for our nation, we will see God respond with compassion, and revival will come. 

John Knox was once enslaved in a French Galley (ship), his hands chained to the oar. One day, when the ships were lying offshore between St Andrews and Dundee, the spires of the parish church where he preached appeared in view. When Knox saw the steeple of his home church, he began to intercede for his nation. Knox prayed, "Give me Scotland, lest I die!" 

God heard the prayer that John Knox prayed, and used him mightily to bring a sweeping revival to Scotland, and to many other nations, as well. 

Today, God knows why He has you right where you are. He hasn't placed you in a hard place to harm you, but so that He might use you to change the world for Him. What might feel like a prison, or an unbearable trial to you, is actually an opportunity for you to turn your trial into heart-rending intercession for something far greater than yourself.

Knox could have spent all his time praying for his own failing health, his 'unfair' treatment, or his sorry plight in life, but he didn't. In his darkest hour, he rose above himself, and believed God for His nation! There are prayers that God is guaranteed to hear and answer - and unselfish prayers for our nations definitely fit into that category. 

If we will pray for our nation, like Knox prayed for his, God will gladly hear and respond to our pleas! Will you join us in praying, "Lord, give us America (or your home nation) lest we die!?!" And remember: when we rend our hearts for His cause - for the redemption of others - for the transformation of our nations - revival won't be far behind! Let's pray!

Posted on December 2, 2013 .