Regrets can easily dominate your life if you let them. With regret, people often ask themselves, "What could I have done differently in that moment," "Why did I do that, say that, behave that way?" and so on. Sadly, there is no way the past can be undone. What was done is done, and what was said, is said. You cannot undo any of the words you have spoken, or the hurts you have caused to others, or to yourself, along the way.

If we are honest, all of us can look back at a portion of our life, or at events in our life with regrets. But consider this: What does living your life in a continual state of regret do to change your future, repair hurts in the lives of others, or help make your future anything but 'regretful'?

The only hope we have for a brighter future, that is free from the pain of regrets, is to surrender our past to Jesus, somewhere along the way. Failure to do so, will only extend our journey down this harmful and hopeless path.

That brings us to the New Year. I love the New Year season, because it is a good time to look forward, and make key decisions that can alter the direction of our lives, and lead us into a brand new day - with the help of the Lord.

But - let me make this perfectly clear - change won't just happen by itself. You must make a conscious decision to release every wrong you've ever done, every sin you've ever committed, and every harmful word or deed - to the Lord - and allow Him to bring closure, release, and healing to them all. 

Until your regretful moments are surrendered to Jesus, however, He cannot forgive you of them, free you from them, or begin to bring healing in the situations you regret. It is a true saying, "the Lord cannot bring victory to any life, or any situation that does not belong to Him."

So you see, the answer to overcoming the regrets of the past, is found at the foot of the Cross. Our flesh is incapable of dealing with complex problems that are beyond our human strength or abilities. Only the power of Jesus Christ - our Redeemer (He buys back our lives from all things hurtful), our Healer, and our Deliverer - is capable of breaking off the sorrow, sadness and pain our regrets cause us.

Now here's the Good News you've been looking for, and longing for - perhaps your entire life. No matter what you have done to others, to yourself, or have had others do to you - Jesus Christ has the power to transform, and heal all those situations, along with their memories for you, as well.

Before the Lord can do anything miraculous for you, or through you, however, you must surrender the hurts, and their accompanying memories to Him.

That brings us back to the start of the New Year. As the New Year begins, it would be a great time to 'cast all your cares (and regrets) upon Him,' allow the Lord to bring closure and healing to those situations, and let Him breath fresh life into your heart, life, emotion, mind and spirit, too.

Looking ahead at the New Year - it can be a wonderful time of release and healing in your life, if you will simply apply this truth, and exchange the hurtful moments of your past, for a day of new beginnings in Him.

He is able to do miraculous things in you, and through you, as long as you are willing to surrender and believe. So what are you waiting for? It's going to be a New Year anyway - you might as well let God give you a brand new start in every way!

Posted on December 30, 2013 .