EMMANUEL - God's Fulfilled Promise To Us!

One of God's greatest promises is revealed in the name of our Lord: EMMANUEL - which means - God with us! 

Jesus isn't a fictitious, make-believe or fantasy-god - like those dreamed up by humanity through the ages, and He's not an out-of-touch creator who isn't concerned with the everyday needs of His creation.

He came to be our Savior - to forever deal with the sin issue that separated us from Him, and clear the way to restored fellowship between us and Him. 

But that's not all He did for those who love Him - He allowed cruel men to beat Him, to mock Him and spit upon Him - so that we might receive healing for our diseases, so He could replace our fears with His peace, and so that we could receive power to shatter the strongholds of our iniquities forever - and walk in oneness together with Him!

When we accept Jesus as our Lord, we immediately become members of His family, and He becomes our dearest Friend - one who sticks closer than a brother. 

Now think back to the promise: EMMANUEL, God with us! Our relationship with God couldn't get any closer than becoming a member of God's own family, could it? So stop fearing what tomorrow may bring - you already know He will face all your tomorrows with you. If you're lonely - talk to your best Friend anytime - day or night - He lives inside you. And never again allow sickness, disease, fear, confusion or the pain of your past rob you of the joy of your future - for King Jesus (one of His names is Emmanuel) promises to be with us always, and to give us victory over all things - no matter we face. 

Why does He do that for us? Families do living things for their family! And there couldn't be a more tight-knit, loving, compassionate or caring family than the one we became members of - the day we made Jesus our Lord!

Posted on December 5, 2013 .