Jesus came to give us life (abundant), victory over hurtful lifestyles, and power to defeat sickness & disease. But did you know that Jesus also came to help YOU (and your family) to GROW?

Growing in Christ is a very important aspect in the life of believers. Knowing that Jesus makes it possible for us to leave the life of weakness & defeat in our rearview mirror, and grow in His strength, power and victory is one of the greatest benefits of serving Him every day.

How can WE GROW IN HIM? The Bible gives us a simple, three-part plan, that's easy to follow. Will you try it out - starting today?

1. Fall in Love with Jesus! The pathway to spiritual growth starts with building a relationship with Jesus Christ. Its that simple. The key word there is 'relationship.' Notice I didn't say, "the pathway to spiritual maturity starts with a religious experience - that may or may not include Jesus!?'

Lets be clear on that: Jesus Christ is the ONLY God who is alive and active. And because He alone occupies that unique place in the world, a life-changing relationship begins by putting Him first in our lives. There is no way to grow in Jesus unless Jesus is alive and active in you.

Going to church, playing a religious bit-role is not going to cut it. Nothing can be gained by merely acting out a part, unless of course, you're looking for a lucrative income as a Hollywood actor. But if you're trying to find the key to growing up, and becoming a mature believer - who lives their life as a 'conqueror of all things flesh-driven' - then there's only one starting place: Leave the religious claptrap behind, and become best friends with the Living and Active God - Jesus Christ!

Good news awaits: Jesus wants to develop a close-knit relationship with you. That's what Jesus died to provide, and that's His greatest motivation today. Remember, as the Creator, He made YOU according to HIS plan. That means, He designed you for heart-to-heart interaction with Him. And this amazing two-way role is intended to bring immense satisfaction both to you, and also to Him. If you think it sounds crazy that Jesus would actually want a close relationship with you - think again. He not only wants one, He died to make one possible.

So go ahead - plunge into a deep, amazing relationship with Jesus today. He can't wait to spend more time with you - interacting in conversation (prayer and worship) and He will be there when you take time to spend time together.

2. Read the Word - believe the Word! "For the word of God is alive and active" (Heb 4:12).  God's Word is alive and active for one reason - the Lord Himself is alive and active! He isn't a religious figurehead on an ancient building. If you haven't been reading your Bible - its time to dust off the greatest book ever written, and start reading it. Why? It is not just a nice history book - it contains the Words of Life themselves.

Remember, those are the words of Almighty God you will find written in the book, and His Words will reveal many keys to living a victorious life. Included in the Bible: how to overcome sin, defeating discouragement and doubt, conquering sickness and disease, and many keys to building a long-lasting relationship with Him.

That's right, those keys - and many more - are found in the amazing, life-transformative pages of God's Word. And best of all - God is ready to reveal those keys to you, as you take time to read some of them every day. Where to start? You can start anywhere you like. Just be sure to take 10-15 minutes (out of the 1440 minutes in a day) to read a few of them. You'll be amazed how they will change your life! 

Make a note: For the Word to work, you must believe it. Don't forget that - its important. The Bible is not like a novel that you read in a day and go on to the next. For the Bible to work its miraculous work in you, you must read it prayerfully, believe God's Words are true - and that they apply to you - right where you live! So what are you waiting for - isn't it time you committed your time to reading the Word of God?

3. Pray Like You Mean It! Unless our prayers are accompanied by faith, they are never going to be impactful. That much is clear: when building a relationship with God, and starting your walk through a growing season in Him, faith is the one constant that must be resident within us at all times.

Be encouraged: If you have the smallest faith - even the size of a mustard seed - your prayers will be heard and answered. You don't have to be a famous minister to have your prayers accomplish much. Jesus said, we need to become like little children, simply trusting Him, and believing He will do what we ask, and supply what we need.

If you ask Jesus to help you grow stronger, so you can live an impactful life - He will do it, because you are praying His will. That's exactly what He wants to accomplish in all of us.

But also remember - prayers must be prayed before they can be answered! Don't just think about a situation, or need - actively pray concerning them all, knowing Jesus hears us, and is ready to provide the answers needed, when we pray.

Growing stronger in Him: Growing stronger is not a complicated mission, at all. Simply committing to building a great relationship with the Lord, one where you communicate from the heart, and learn to apply His promises in your life, so you can be more effective in impacting our world for Him - is the key to growing up in Him.

Will you apply the easy 1-2-3 steps of growing in Jesus today? When you do, good things will happen, you will become the man or woman He has called you to be - and the kind of person He wants you to become - starting today. May the Lord bless you abundantly as you start the most incredible journey of all. Its a pleasure to be walking with you! 

Posted on January 28, 2014 .