Can this Generation be WON for Him?

When you look at the way Jesus does things in His kingdom, versus the way we typically do them today, we have to admit that our way and His way don't always gel. In fact, when it comes to doing the will of God, it seems like we sometimes find ourselves on polar opposite ends of the spectrum. Have you ever noticed that? Jesus tells us to do something one way, and we get it all mixed up, and do it just the opposite of how we were instructed.

Case in point: When it comes to winning the world for Him, we sometimes hit it out of the park, but at other times, we strike out BIG TIME! Why? I think we simply don't get what He is saying, or we are so set on doing things our way, that we can't see beyond our own preconceived ideas. 

How can we change our ways and experience success in winning souls for Him? Notice what Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 9:35-38, "When Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Today, we get the Lord's prayer focus badly turned around, then wonder why we aren't reaching people like we should. Did you notice that Jesus DID NOT PRAY FOR THE HARVEST- He prayed for the WOULD-BE HARVESTERS! 

In all our 'endless wisdom,' of course, we would never think of praying for US - oh no, that's not how it works in church. We gather together and pray for the harvest, and pray for the harvest - then wonder why the Lord doesn't bring the harvest in? Did you ever pause to think that maybe, we've gotten it all wrong? Instead of praying for the harvest - maybe we should do exactly what Jesus did - and pray that the Lord will get US off our well-padded pews, and send US into the streets where we belong - so we can reach the harvest - that is already ready to be harvested!

Maybe its time we swallowed our pride and admitted we've got it all wrong. Isn't it about time we wake up, recognize the fact that He knows what works best - and obediently, passionately go where the lost sheep are, for Pete's sake!?

When Jesus made His shocking statement about the lack of harvesters - being the crux of the problem - He could have been talking about US today, as much as He was talking to His disciples on that day. But for some reason, we just don't get it. 

Let me make this plain: The shortcoming is NOT THE HARVEST - people are still hurting, and lost, and in need of a Savior - as much in this time and place - as they were back then. Write that down: there's NO SHORTAGE of people WHO ARE READY AND WAITING TO BE SAVED.

I hope we figure it out - finally! The harvest is not the problem - WE are the problem. The church is the problem. The people sitting in their cushy seats (us) praying for the harvest - instead of getting out of the building and going to them - wherever they are - to be willing to reap the harvest, at all times, and in every imaginable way is the problem. 

Did you notice, that while we are praying for them, Jesus is praying for US - to go to them? That's sad. Time and again, Jesus commands us to GO and GO and GO some more - but instead, we SIT and SIT and SIT some more - doing exactly what He told us NOT TO DO. The lost and helpless people are in the streets - in case you didn't notice, not sitting in the Bible study class next to you.  Isn't it time we heeded His call, and went to wherever they can be found? 

There is a true saying, "You can't keep doing something the same way and expect different results!" That's the bottom line for reaching this generation for Him. If we want to reach souls, we must start going and finding them - wherever they are. 

Instead of sitting in the prayer room, or classroom discussing soul winning ideas, or praying for the lost to come in - maybe its time we started asking Jesus to mobilize US, send US, get US out of our comfort zones, and get US into the streets, to empower US - just like He said He would, when we finally wake up and do things His way.

The bottom line: Lots of people in this generation are going to hell, while we do the exact opposite of what Jesus told us to do. Isn't it time we inverted our actions - so they line up with His will, admit we have been wrong, and go do exactly what He commanded, and has been praying WE would do in the first place! Its been 2000 years, isn't it time we figured out what He told us to do - and go do it just like He said we should do it?

The good news is: Jesus is ready to empower His laborers the minute they head to the harvest fields. He is ready to empower you - are you ready to work for Him? 

As you enter the fields, get ready to be anointed, prepare yourself to be shown favor, and don't be surprised when you gain access to people's lives in ways you never dreamed possible! Why would Jesus do that for us? He does amazing stuff like that for His people, whenever they finally are willing to do His will - just like He asked them to - a long time ago.

Now is the time - what are we waiting for. Let's stop praying for the harvest, and start praying for US (the harvesters) - to go to them, and win them for Him - in dramatic fashion! Now is the time - let's roll for Him!!!

Posted on March 20, 2014 .