Easter - New Life is Available to YOU!

Your life may feel just as discouraged and hopeless, as Friday felt to the followers of Jesus, when He was hung on a Cross, died, and was laid in a tomb. The Bible tells us what that day was like, for those who believed in and followed Jesus: Matt. 26:56, "And all forsook Him and fled."

Has the direction of YOUR life made you feel equally as discouraged or hopeless, also? Has life left you feeling empty, discouraged, or even desperate? Then read what comes next - it has the ability to change your life.

For three days, the followers of Jesus were the most discouraged, despondent people on earth. Filled with doubt, fear, anger, and confusion - they ran for their lives, and hid in fear - thinking the same mob who just crucified Jesus, would be coming for them next, they didn't know where to turn, or what to do.

Except - the mobs never came. Though they hid for fear, and fought hopeless depression for three days - none of their fears became reality.

Instead, something totally unexpected happened that weekend, that would forever change their lives. On the third day, just like Jesus promised, the women came to apply fresh perfume to Jesus' decaying body - found the tomb empty - and were greeted by an angelic message that reverberates through eternity: "Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here - He is Risen!"

And just that quickly - the downtrodden, defeated church experienced an infusion of hope that supercharged them with fresh faith & joy. No longer would they hide out, no longer would they live in fear, the discouragement was gone, the heartbreak was forever taken away, and their lives were changed for eternity!

This Easter holds the same kind of hope for your life, as it did for the lives of those early followers of Jesus. Your life doesn't have to end badly, your tomorrows don't have to remain bleak and hopeless. Your life can be dramatically changed in a moment's time - if you know how and where to access the power of transformation - in Jesus.

Take it from someone who has experienced this great life-change already - I can attest to the fact that Jesus Christ is real, and His power is sufficient to change your life. I know the truth of that statement, because He has already performed that miracle in my life. And the Bible makes it clear: "He is no respecter of persons." What He has done for me, He will gladly do for you, if you simply come to Him, and ask. It really is that simple.

Don't live another day in hopelessness, confusion or defeat - Sunday's on the way! This Easter Sunday - let Jesus lead you into a lifetime (and beyond) of brand new tomorrows! "Jesus said, I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life - no one comes to the Father but by Me!" (John 14:6)

This Easter - go to church to find Jesus. Let it be the day of new days for you. Don't make it a religious tradition, but by faith in Him, let this Easter be the beginning of days you have longed for, hoped for, and wanted to find.

This Easter - when you find Jesus, and welcome Him into your heart and life, you will never be the same again - your confusion, hopelessness, frustration, guilt and pain will be gone forever - and your life will become new through Him - who makes all things new.

This Easter - will be unlike any you have ever experienced before - when you turn it all over to Him, and receive with joy, the power that takes away the old, and makes all things new! Thank your Jesus - for Easter - for Resurrection Life!!!

Posted on April 19, 2014 .