Jesus first extended grace to the woman accused of adultery, assured her that He wasn't one of her condemners - then dealt with the sin issue in her life. 

The order of Jesus' conversation with the woman is very important. Take note: It was only after Jesus assured her that He held no stones in His hands, or malice in His great heart, that He dealt with the sin. 

We would do well to follow His lead when reaching out to those around us. We need to assure people that Jesus loves them, that He didn't come to condemn them - and is there to rescue them from certain death first - before confronting the sin issues. 

Why? He will deal with the sin issue in their lives - don't worry about that. He is, after all, the righteous God. But He also knows what it takes to make inroads into peoples lives. Inroads that will lead them into a redemptive relationship with Him, if we proceed according to His pattern. 

Think of it this way - who will you listen to: someone who stands condemning and berating you - or someone you know cares enough for you that they would give their own life in exchange for yours? 

Here's the way it works: when people fall in love with Jesus, they will be so thankful, so joyful - so new inside - they will want nothing to do with the sin that once brought them to the brink of ruination. The sin issue will be easily conquered when they fall in love with Jesus - and receive His incredible love in their lives first. 

Let us go and do likewise - the pattern is there for us to follow!!!

Posted on April 5, 2014 .