There MUST be Something MORE!!!

God is challenging us to BELIEVE Him for the outpouring of His presence - like we have NEVER seen before! I believe the earth is ripe for the harvest: people are looking for the reality of a Redeemer who will transform their lives, radically change their culture, and fill the God-sized void in their lives!

But before God can do what God wants to do - we must do our part. What is our part in the equation? GET OURSELVES READY for His great outpouring. 

How can we GET READY for God's great move among us? 1) By believing that He will yet do a work in the earth! 2) By seeking Him with your whole heart! 3) By allowing God to birth within you 'a holy dissatisfaction for the status quo!"

We must allow God to make our stomachs 'sour' for the world - turn our eyes toward Him alone, and cry out: "Give me something MORE Lord! There MUST be something MORE in YOU!!!"

Can you hear the sound of an awakening from God within your spirit? Can you feel the shifting taking place in the heavenlies? Can you sense the stirring of the Spirit of God within you, that is causing a holy desire for the deep things of God to be released in you?

If your answer is 'yes' to the above questions, then you are becoming READY for a move of God that can and will transform the culture of this nation, and make our hearts one with Him again!

Now is the time - this is the place - and you are the people!!! Do not shrink back from what God is saying, doing or seeking to accomplish in the land!

God has not given up on this generation - I believe that this generation is ripe for the harvest, and that He will still be heard from! And I also believe, that as many as will commit to believe Him, keep their eyes fully upon Him, and move in accordance to His divine will - will yet see God do what He said He will do! 

Can we count you in? Then start giving yourself to God like never before, seek Him in your quiet place, and ask Him to move heaven and earth - that there might be revival, and an awakening come to this earth like never before!!! Let's do this - together!!!

Posted on June 8, 2014 .