The Solution!

HERE'S THE SOLUTION YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR - The solution to your problems is different than you think. Its NOT taking another anti-depressant, hiding in your room and pretending your problems don't exist, and it is NOT found in a vial of drugs, or a bottle of alcohol. The answer to your problems, is getting into the presence of God! For in His presence alone, there is power to change your world! 

I know that might sound crazy to some of you, but it isn't. The fact that you've never grasped is this: God IS REAL, and He REALLY does have power to change your life, bring peace to your troubled mind, transform even the most impossible situations, and make ALL things new in your life.

I have experienced the life-changing power of Jesus Christ many times before, in my own life, and have seen God do the miraculous in many, many other lives as well, so I (like many believers) know what I am talking about. That makes me a 'expert' smile emoticon So hear me out. Stop taking God for granted, stop 'filing' Him away under the 'antiquated religious nonsense' file in your mind, and come discover the power of the life-changing God for yourself.

That's right - my 'prescription' for you (as Dr. Tom Cannon) is to get out of bed, get dressed (no matter how you feel), come to church (Sunday or Wednesday evenings) and seek God with all your heart. Cry out to Him for help, and He promises to come touch you, change you, heal, refresh, and transform you by the power of His Spirit. 

And here's the best news: IT WORKS!!! God really does do what He promises to do. All you need to do is Come. Believe. Receive. 

We don't serve some make-believe divinity, or bow to some dumb idol who cannot hear your prayers or answer - when we come to Him. We are approaching the Creator of all you see (and all you don't see - all that's invisible), the One who has power to forgive all your yesterdays, transform & heal everything today, and give Life to all your tomorrows. 

And there you have it: That's the 'prescription' that works! Now be a good 'patient' and follow it all the way through to the end. Those who do what I have just prescribed - will be healed, and their lives will be changed/ made alive by the power of His presence. 

Don't laugh. This prescription alone works for every situation, every need, every hurt, pain, and destructive bondage. If you will do exactly what I just stated, the outcome is guaranteed, too - backed by His Word (that never fails), and sealed by the blood that He shed to eternally secure the vows/ promises that cannot be broken. Blessings as you come to Him!!! He's waiting for you!!!

Posted on April 13, 2015 .