How to Overcome Tough Times

We all go through tough times - sometimes. Struggles, battles, and difficult seasons are not unique to any of us. We all face them, don't we? Sadly, however, too many people toss in the towel and quit during these times, instead of learning the secret to overcoming life's difficulties, by the power of the Living Lord! That is the key to victory - to overcoming even the worst of times - it starts with not depending on yourself, or relying on humanity to save you, or those you love in your difficult season - but rather - placing your trust in God, and reaffirming your faith in Him - especially when the going gets tough.

Two important keys to overcoming our hardest seasons, are spiritual vision and faith. However, these two powerful keys are often overlooked. Let me share a brief insight with you today, in hopes that these two keys may help you overcome the battle, trial, or struggle you are facing today.

To overcome life's difficult moments, we need: Supernatural vision (the ability to see beyond your natural limitations, through the Spirit of God) and faith (the power to unlock doors that seem to be bolted shut, and move impossible objects). These two keys are absolutely vital to help us overcome our daily trials, heartaches and sufferings. 

Sometimes, the weight of the moment can be overwhelming, almost suffocating, and it can feel like it will never end. Today we are praying for friends and family who have recently lost loved ones, are enduring pain from physical issues, battling sickness (lots of flu, etc. going around), and facing trying times in life. 

In our own lives, and there have even been times of pastoring, when we have experienced seasons where life seemed to be a continuous struggle. (And I know many of you know exactly what I am taking about - because you've been through such times yourself). But during those times, we have discovered that victory comes by holding onto your faith in Him - and asking Him to help you see with new perspective. We need His perspective on our situations, because we often can't see a bug on the end of our nose. lol Yep, we really are that shortsighted sometimes. But God sees things as they really are, and He knows that a brighter day is coming. 

Let me also remind you of His power, love for you, and commitment to you. Even when you can't see Him, because of the darkness of your present moment, He is there. The Lord promises to 'never leave you or forsake you, but to be with you always, even to the end of time.' Remember that. We also know that He does all things exceedingly well, He has all things in control, and He loves you more than you will ever know (remember the season of Easter we just celebrated for a hint at how much He loves you - He died in your place, and bore your sins, infirmities, etc. on Calvary - so you could know victory).

So let's make plans for victory:

1. First of all: in your present situation, you need to ask God to enlighten your eyes, and give you vision - based on what He can do, not what the present moment looks like. Another way to say this is, we need God's perspective of our difficult days, not our own. The problem we face, is our eyesight is limited to what we see in the natural. We don't have the luxury of seeing tomorrow the way He sees it. Where all we see is doom and gloom, the Lord sees the sun shining again, He sees the coming of a brighter day, He sees His Spirit healing our wounds, and His ability to transform our pain into victory. 

I'll be honest with you, I am not always sure how He does it. All I know is that He does it. To us, the dark days seem overwhelming. That's where God comes in. He sees all things - from the beginning of time to the end. He knows what's around the corner. We don't. So we get panicky, we get ornery, we get fearful. The unknown does that to us. 

If however, we will allow God to change our outlook, and see things the way He sees them, suddenly we find hope in the hopeless, comfort in our season of mourning, and peace like a river. All it takes to bring victory, sometimes, is to gain His perspective - seeing things through His eyes - so our faith can flourish, and victory can come. When we understand that He has the power to make al things new, and that is His intention, the battle becomes winnable. 

2. Don't toss away your faith in Him. Trials don't mean God has abandoned you. They are merely opportunities to prove that faith in God still moves mountains! We all can quote scriptures about faith overcoming obstacles, and winning battles. But mysteriously, when we get in the middle of our battles, we forget that's the perfect environment to grow our faith, and prove the power of God within us. 

Be encouraged today - the hour of hardship won't last forever. There will be a brighter day. Its coming! In fact, God promises to send "joy in the morning." Remember, the darkest hour means dawn is in sight! 

It can be VERY difficult to remember how to fight and win - when you're in the middle of the battle, or when you're going through tough times. However, I encourage you to make a notation today - remember that a new day will be dawning soon, and that the Lord will come and heal your pain, and make all things new (from the inside out). He cares about you, and cares for you.

Let's summarize: The secret to overcoming - in times like these - is to look forward, through the prism of the promises of God, by faith, and believe Him to fulfill His Word, and bring the times of refreshing, healing, and joy you so desperately need. Don't be discouraged in the battle, rather look to Him, standing on the rock of your faith - and you will win - in Jesus' name!


Posted on April 23, 2015 .