Christmas ... Reveals The Good Shepherd

At Christmastime, we sing about 'shepherds abiding with their flocks by night,' and we watch our children act out their little roles in bright colored bathrobes. But have you ever considered, that God intentionally positioned the shepherds at the bedside of the newborn King (Jesus), so we might understand the correlative imagery of the shepherds and their flocks, to reveal the deep truth to us, that He (Jesus) came to do that exact work Himself, in our lives?

As our Shepherd, Jesus is there for us (Remember, shepherds live with their flock), He is responsible for our protection, and our provision. IN the New Testament, Jesus is referred to as the Good Shepherd, the Chief Shepherd, and the Great Shepherd. 

Jesus is referred to as our Good Shepherd, because that describes His loving intentions to care for us, and seek our common good always. 

As the Chief Shepherd, He has established a network of many under-shepherds, who are charged with helping to tend his flock worldwide. But remember, they only work under His watchful eye, and constant vigilance. He is the Head, or Chief Shepherd who provides the power, the compassion, and the love His flocks need daily, and He solemnly charges His under-shepherds to maintain the uniformity of Truth throughout all His flocks.

And as the Great Shepherd, Jesus reveals His willingness to lay down His own life for His sheep. Don't forget, He personally ratified the New Covenant with HIs own shed blood (Blood Covenant). He did it voluntarily - because HIs love for us is that strong. And only His blood could make God's Redemptive Covenant valid for eternity. Wow. What love He has for us.

I pray, during this Christmas season, that we will direct our hearts to seek Jesus Christ, the Shepherd, more than we ever have before. Now is the season of revival - God is doing something new in the earth. But every move of God starts with a right understanding of our inseparable connection with the Shepherd, and the revelation of great His love for us is. 

My hope is that we all will understand the depth of His love for us, and personally experience a fresh revelation - that nobody else loves, cares or provides for us, like our Shepherd does. 

If you don't know Jesus as YOUR personal, life-changing Shepherd yet, I encourage you to call out to Him today, and invite Him to accept you into His flock. For when you do, you will experience new life, healing, forgiveness, and hope, like you never knew existed in your world. And all the good things the Shepherd of our souls seeks to give to the members of His flock, is all made possible for you, right now, because He loved you enough too make a way for you, before you even knew you needed it.

Posted on December 17, 2016 .