WHEN WILL REVIVAL COME? WILL IT EVER COME? HOW WILL IT COME? The 'direction of our heart determines the 'direction' of God. I do not believe we have to 'convince' God to bring revival, rather, I believe God has to convince US that revival is worth pursuing with everything that is within us. 

The reason revival has not come: Our generation has been so me-centered, so prosperity-focused, that there has been no room for God to visit us with a powerful move of His Spirit. 

Joshua summed up the dilemma best, "Choose you this day whom you will serve: God or money?" 

Simply put, our decision to either "seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness," or to pursue the temporary wealth of humanity formulates God's response to our prayers. We can't love both the things of the fresh, and of the Spirit. We must choose which we will pursue. Joshua made that clear.

That is why Jesus said it "is easier for a camel to crawl through the tiny opening in the walled cities of the region, called the eye of the needle, long after the main gate has been closed and barred for the night, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven." Notice: Its not impossible to find a rich man who is not possessed by his love for money, but Jesus made it clear, it is nearly impossible. That's how strong the love of money is upon the heart of most people.

THE ANSWER IS FOUND IN THE PAST: A look at revivals of the past gives us the template for revivals in the future. Every past revival was accompanied by a sacrificial purging of hearts and personal desires - people freely tossed aside anything the world had to offer, in exchange for winning the fulness of Christ. 

Starting in the book of Acts, the people gave themselves to seek the Lord night and day (the sacrifice of their time). There was nothing they would rather do than seek the Lord. People today often begrudge God of one service a week - even then, it better be short. Revival cannot come until people pursue God with everything in them, lock, stock and barrel, so to speak. 

Next, the people gave away their possessions, or sold what they had, and poured it onto the church. Why did they do that? For two reasons: so they were not encumbered by the world, and because they understood the value of money to the advancement of the kingdom of God. For that reason, people sowed extravagantly into the kingdom of God, so there might be great financial resources to reach the world with the Gospel of truth (they sacrificed their finances).

And third, the people took the message of hope and life for all people, to the ends of the earth. Many thousands upon thousands died in the process - but the Bible pays tribute to people like that, "they loved not their lives, even unto death." Amazing believers, throughout history - and join some nations today - willingly sacrifice their lives, for the sake of revival - throughout the earth.

Unfortunately, in our day, we find too many believers who are more interested in stockpiling all three elements needed for revival in their earthly warehouses (time, wealth and the love of their own lives). Revival will not come, until that trend is reversed, and en masse, we find the church (believers) willing to sacrifice all three for the sake of the coming glory of the Lord. 

When the hearts of the people (all of us) are turned wholeheartedly back to God - and we become willing to sow anything and everything in our lives - including life itself - for the sake of the kingdom of God - then we will see revival again!

My prayer: "Turn our hearts Lord. Make them fully Yours! Capture them completely - right down to the smallest desire - and make us love You so much, that nothing else matters! In comparison to knowing You, everything else pales to nothing! Even so, Lord Jesus, come!"

Posted on February 17, 2016 .