HOW TO RESOLVE A CRISIS OR MEET YOUR NEED: Have you ever noticed, that almost ALL of our attempts to resolve a crisis, or meet a specific need, rely upon ourselves, and what we can do to solve them? Think about our typical responses: We WORRY, we FEAR, we TALK, we THINK, we STRESS, we WORK HARDER, we GET ANGRY, we LOSE SLEEP, we FRET, and we GET FRUSTRATED.

Only TWO responses to our need, or crisis declare our wholehearted dependence upon God for the resolution of them. What are they? PRAYER & OBEDIENCE to His will or Word. 

And did you notice, that only those TWO responses have the ability to actually RESOLVE your issue, MEET your need, or OBTAIN the answer?

That's a fact. Any attempt that involves US alone, typically have a nearly guaranteed fail rate. Only when we turn to God for our answer, do we have cross over the threshold from our human limitations, to lay ahold of the power of God, for the answers we need. 

Every other response is worth LESS than nothing, for they involve our flesh, our ability, our intellect. And anything that relies upon US instead of God - will FAIL! Only when we go to God for our answers, will we find the miraculous help we desperately need to resolve our issue, or meet our need.

So take a very BOLD action today - stop relying upon YOU, and cast all your cares upon HIM - in prayer and obedience - knowing that HE will answer the cry of your heart! So get ready for your miracle to come! When you PRAY & OBEY, its on its way!

Posted on March 31, 2016 .