Today is a GOOD DAY to pray. Even if you've never prayed before, or haven't prayed much in the past. Today can be the day you learn to tap into the source of God's provision and power. Let me challenge you to read what the Bible says about prayer - how it unlocks tightly locked doors, provides help in time of need, results in healing, and many blessings to many to list here. 

There are only TWO requirements that victorious, conquering, overcoming, empowering prayer brings with it: You must BELIEVE that God will do what God says (in the Bible) that He will do, and you must PRAY! 

Prayer is not THINKING about prayer, or KNOWING you should pray. Prayer is taking the time to set yourself before God, and having a conversation with Him. But did you know, that prayer is also talking to Him as you go about your day, or crying out to Him for help in an emergency. Yes, prayer is talking to Him any time, and all the time. Like you do with your best friend. 

But remember this: Prayer does require action and faith. It can be the simplest words spoken by a child, or it can be words spoken from the heart when words fail. When you direct your conversation to God - that's prayer. And ... it works. 

Let's all become people of prayer ... starting today!

Posted on March 31, 2016 .