Jesus FINISHED the Fight For YOU!!!

When Jesus cried out, "It is FINISHED!" He meant that the sins of the world had all been placed upon Him - so that He could carry them into death, the moment He dismissed His Spirit into the hands of the Father. I hope we can comprehend the weight of the horrible burden Jesus carried to the grave for us all. The sins of every man and woman ever born, and ever to be born - were all lumped together, and placed upon the innocent victim - the Lamb of God, the One sent to take away the sins of the world. 

Its no wonder that Easter/ Resurrection Sunday is such a joyful event - for on this great day, Jesus left the burden of sins forever buried in the grave - and arose triumphantly over them all! Now through Jesus Christ alone - can the issue of your sin be forever dealt with, and you can enter into new life in Him by faith - for He has already broken the power of your sin, and stands ready to give you new life beyond your wildest imagination!

If you haven't received His free gift yet (the gift of freedom from sin/ and life evermore) - I hope you will come to Jesus today, and receive the gift that is waiting for you right here, right now!

Posted on March 31, 2016 .