JUST ANNOUNCED - AN EVEN BETTER ADVENTURE THAN POKEMON-GO! Within the last few weeks, the popularity of Pokemon Go - the online treasure hunt game has exploded with popularity. Nobody expected it to grow in popularity the way it has. But I've just received notice from a 'major manufacturer' that a 'new' adventure program is being released that has the potential to blow Pokemon Go away with popularity. What is it? The new adventure is called, "Let's Pursue Jesus Everywhere!" And according to the 'Manufacturer,' it offers a far greater experience for subscribers, than any program or game ever released before. The major difference between Pokemon Go and "Let's Pursue Jesus Everywhere,' is that Pokemon is a fantasy-based program, while "Let's Pursue Jesus Everywhere," is based entirely upon present and future reality. 

Here's how the new game, "Let's Pursue Jesus Everywhere," works. Participants sign up for the new program, at no cost to them, through the "Adventure Authorizer,' Jesus Christ. Once they sign up to become regular subscribers, they are immediately approved to participate in all levels of the new experience (And reap its immediate benefits).

What can subscribers look forward to achieving in "Let's Pursue Jesus Everywhere"? Subscribers actually take part in life-changing adventures, that lead them throughout their neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces. The new adventure also provides worldwide optional plug-ins, that enable participants to actively pursue Jesus around the globe, through some of the most challenging, and rewarding venues imaginable. Many subscribers already have downloaded this plug-in, and are running in full pursuit of Jesus in nations around the world. 

Additionally, while most subscribers to Pokemon Go, walk around at a snail's pace, trying to locate imaginary creatures on a virtual screen, the pace is much faster with the new adventure. Don't take me wrong, Pokemon Go seems to provide lots of fun, but the new adventure, "Let's Pursue Jesus Everywhere,' is not limited to participating at a near sedentary pace, and does not limit use to an eye-straining virtual screen. 

In the new game, "Let's Pursue Jesus Everywhere," participants can run after the Lord, hike through rugged mountains, cross raging rivers, and even leap over extremely foreboding walls. 

The 'Participation Manual,' called the Bible, assists subscribers in pursuing Jesus to real (not imaginary) places, and guides them through the necessary steps to take part in life-transformative experiences, where participants win actual crowns and eternal rewards for their efforts.

Included with your subscription are free upgrades, and access to new levels as you progress through your adventure. New levels include: Spiritual warfare, sacrificially caring, wrestling not against flesh and blood, overcomers unlimited, and world-changers. There are no age restrictions, and all subscribers accrue points as they reach well-marked milestones along the way. Additional downloads are also provided in multiple languages, including 'unknown and heavenly.' 

One subscriber is being quoted as saying, "This is the most exciting adventure I have been on! In fact - I have never experienced anything like this adventure before. I can't wait to get all my friends plugged into the experience with me, and activate their subscription so they can join me in making real-time changes in our generation. This program is sooooo amazing. Throughout the adventure, I actually have been allowed to help feed 'real-life' hungry people, care for the non-virtual needs of orphans, people in hospitals, nursing homes, and even care for hurting people in inner cities. I recently downloaded a new app, that taught me how to help point lost and aimlessly wandering friends to the starting line, where they too, like me, got to experience the radical change that comes from subscribing to this amazing adventure. I can't wait to download all the plug-ins and new levels - because if they're as exciting and life-changing as the first few - they're going to be amazing!"

For information on how to become a subscriber, and start fully participating in the adventure program yourself, you can either contact me, pastors of local churches (that know and follow Jesus), or any friend who is actually subscribing to the adventure, and can be counted on to introduce you to the Adventure Authorizer, Jesus Christ, and help walk you through the initial steps of activating the program in your life. 

Trust me, once you subscribe, you'll be hooked for life - because nothing else in this world can compare to the "Let's Pursue Jesus Everywhere" program. And best of all, no other program issues its subscribers the kind of rewards like this one does, either. 

So what are you waiting for? Join today - and start the great adventure yourself! You will be SO glad you did!!!

Posted on July 21, 2016 .