The Kingdom of God NEEDS YOU

The Kingdom of God NEEDS YOU - to be active, alive, and busy doing God's will!!! Think about it this way: The moment you become satisfied with the status quo of your life - where you've been/ what you've accomplished - you have become stagnant. And stagnation equals death. Don't believe me? Then go find a stagnant pond this July, and drink that nasty water for a few days. But be forewarned: If you do so, you will grow sick, and possibly die. 

In the same way: Sitting on your backside doing nothing for God/ never helping to touch lives or reach the world, is the same thing as spiritual stagnation. In essence, you have stopped living in forward motion, and have already begun the process of dying. 

But do you really want to write your obituary so soon, while there's still life in you? Now is not the time to carve your tombstone. Now is the time to get recharged, energized, excited about the work of God, and get busy doing something for Him - because you are needed now more than ever to get involved, share your talents, abilities, creative mind, loving heart and God's calling with others - who desperately need what you have to give.

Isn't it a better idea to put down the pen, and stop writing your obituary early, and instead, go find some place in your church where you can volunteer to make a real difference in the lives of others, by sharing your life, while there's still time?

Posted on May 29, 2016 .