Why Should Parents Serve God?

During Samuel’s early childhood, something supernatural was birthed inside him, through his mother, Hannah. Before Samuel was even conceived, Hannah went to the Temple to seek the Lord, because she was barren, and longed for a son. But as she knelt to pray, she was so overwhelmed by her burden, that she could only communicate spirit-to-Spirit, through deep groanings that only God could understand. Eli thought Hannah’s wordless prayer was an indication that she was drunk, and he rebuked her for it. But she explained to him that she was not drunk, but was overwhelmed in her spirit. 

Through Eli, God told Hannah that He had heard her cry, and would answer her prayer. Soon, Hannah became pregnant, and gave birth to Samuel. As Samuel grew, it became evident that he would walk in a special anointing.

Now pay close attention to this: Samuel would grow up to become a mighty prophet and judge in Israel. And guess what Samuel would became known as? The people of Israel called him “the wailing prophet.” It’s been said that when the Spirit of God came upon Samuel, that a loud wailing cry would arise from his spirit – before he ever uttered a word in prayer. Samuel’s cry could be heard from a mile away.

Do you see the correlation between Samuel and his mother, Hannah, here? The wordless cry of the spirit that originated in Hannah, was passed on to her son. Whenever God’s anointing came upon Samuel, and he began travailing for Israel’s redemption, or beseeching God to show His mercy, the heart of a Godly mother could be heard crying out through the heart of her son.

Mom’s and Dad’s – listen to what God is saying to you in this: What you sow in the Spirit, will find it’s fulfillment in the lives of your children. So let me encourage you; be like Hannah, find your expression in the Spirit of God, and let Him birth in your children the richness if His callings, and giftings, and spiritual manifestations, so that you may leave them with a far greater inheritance, than anything money can buy.

I pray that we will let 2017 be a year of deep travail in the Spirit, in which we believe God for the manifestation of His Spirit, in the lives of our children, and in future generations!

Posted on February 20, 2017 .