Life-Lesson From Job's Wife

Remember when Job's wife suggested to Job: "Why don't you just curse God and die!?"

I know those are shocking words, especially when they're aimed at your spouse. But the fact remains that she did say them, and they can never be retracted. That's the problem with words.

It would probably shock Mrs. Job to learn how much verbal abuse she has taken from preachers for those harsh words. I know from my personal experience, that I can't remember one time, in my entire lifetime, when I ever heard a preacher say anything good about Job's wife - including myself. lol

But that's regrettable. Especially, if we pause for just a moment, and put ourselves in her shoes. By doing that, suddenly everything changes. In fact, when you really think about what 'the Jobs' went through, it seems rather baffling that we have never cut her any slack. Think about it; Mr. and Mrs. Job lost all of their children, all their workers, their house, crops, livestock, and livelihood, and yet, we slam the poor woman for uttering some unfortunate words, in the middle of her unfathomable tragedy.

Put yourself in her place for a moment, what if the police came to your door and informed you that all of your children were dead? Just hearing those words alone, would put most of us over the edge emotionally. Yet somehow, we have failed to see the deep emotional crisis, that led to her very understandable outburst against her husband, and we loudly condemn her for it.

That's bad enough, when you think of it that way, and I believe that we owe Mrs. Job a huge apology for it. But as I was thinking about our sorry condemnation of this grief-stricken woman, it made me wonder how many other people we have griped at, complained about, or insulted under our breath, through the years, because they didn't do something fast enough, or to our liking. But here's where the hammer comes down on all of us; when I think of we have reacted, without knowing what they were going through at the time, its downright shameful. That said, I guess we owe them some apologies, too.

It is not humanly possible to undo what we have said or done in the past, and I am not suggesting that we should. But hopefully, we can change what we do in the future. And if we can learn that huge lesson, and do right by people always, then maybe, that's the best way to apologize to Mrs. Job, after all.

Posted on February 25, 2017 .